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Loyalist is a martial arts academy based in Belleville, Ontario. We specialize in fitness, martial arts and combatives instruction for all ages and experience levels.

Our Vision

We hope to create the very best learning and training environment to foster the very best in all of our members. Learn together; fight together; grow together as a family.

Our History

Established in 2006, Loyalist has been one of the regions best kept secrets. Our team has competed at every level and has gained a reputation for excellence, setting the standard for martial arts in Belleville.

Our Values

We encourage and foster a culture of life-long learning. We strive to be a shining example for excellence in our community.




Our Programs

Our Programs at Loyalist Martial Arts Academy offer physical fitness, self defense, competitive opportunities and confidence building activities with an incredible team environment. We are proud of the programs we have built with our experienced team of instructors.

Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Inject positive vibes into your child's life!

Not only will your child learn how strong and able they are, but they'll build a bully-proof lifestyle that will not only empower themselves but others. Our youth BJJ program was developed by the Team Ronin School of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to follow IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) guidelines, as well as reflect the appropriate stages of the child's development.

We follow a well thought out syllabus and curriculum that allows for ongoing growth and challenges for ongoing achievement, from a technical, physical, and intellectual standpoint. The result is confidence in ones capabilities and potential. One side effect of training in BJJ is that it is a wonderful teaching tool for dealing with stressful situations. Training in BJJ will enrich your child's life and set them on a path of life-long learning. Contact us for further details.

Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


In 1914, a prominent Judo master and fighter from Japan, named Mitsuyo Maeda (A student of Judo founder Jigoro Kano), emigrated to Brazil. There he would look to help form supports for other Japanese immigrants. He was befriended and assisted by a Brazilian politician, named Gastao Gracie. In appreciation to Gastao, Maeda would offer to teach his martial art to Gastao's young son, Carlos. Carlos in turn taught his other brothers, most notably Helio. Putting their lessons through a new lens, they refined the techniques and developed a system that they named Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. This system would be tested on the streets as well as in no-rules competition and eventually pitted against other martial arts styles where Gracie Jiu-Jitsu would prove to be consistently dominant. Today, much of the world knows Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by a more generic name, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The martial art was styled after a Judo variant that focused on ground-based defense, where a combination of wrestling, submission holds and chokes were used. Maeda did have other Brazilian students that also developed their own variant of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, however the Gracie lineage would be the most notable. Through the years, knowledge has been passed from teacher to student, carrying personality and wisdom from each contributor. Jiu-Jitsu carries with it an expectation of respect for all who enter into the teacher-student relationship. Jiu-Jitsu's hallmark is the adaptation process it constantly goes through, where new techniques and perspectives are always being developed. This adds creativity and enjoyment to the learning process.

BJJ at Loyalist

Our classes are divided between two variations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one being Gi (with kimono), and other being NoGi (without kimono). The focus and layout of each class is geared towards constant development. Starting with warm-up and drills, followed by technique and theory, and finished by Randori (live sparing with partners). No matter the level, whether you are looking to get fit, find a recreational activity, push yourself and compete or something try something fun and new, our BJJ programs will provide a lifetime of opportunity, enjoyment and good vibes.

BJJ Affiliation

Our Jiu-Jitsu lineage passes from a direct line back to Maeda. As we move forward, we always strive to respect where we stem from. Loyalist is an affiliate under Team Ronin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which has continued to refine a system of techniques and instruction that assists students in developing knowledge and potential. It has produced a very successful BJJ Team that has competed across the world at all of the major tournaments including the IBJJF Worlds/ Pan-Ams/ No-Gi Pan-Ams/ Asian Open, Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu, ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship, NAGA, Grappler's Quest, and numerous other Canadian and local tournaments.

Our Lineage

Mitsuyo Maeda → Carlos Gracie → Helio Gracie → Rickson Gracie → Antonio "Tonicao" Collares → Murilo Rupp → Eduardo Alexandre Machado → Felipe Heidrich → Ryan Kellar

Muay Thai


Muay Thai is a Thai martial art. It descended from Muay Broan an ancient fighting system, which has a rich and elaborate history in Thailand. Today's Muay Thai is a combat sport that uses stand up striking along with various clinching techniques and it is known as the science of the eight limbs, utilizing punches, elbows knees and kicks. Muay Thai is an essential part of Thai culture and is the National sport of Thailand.

The sport of Muay Thai that we know today began to take shape in Thailand in early twentieth-century with implementation of a ring and timekeeper. In 1993 the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur or IFMA was inaugurated and is recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia. IFMA has 128 membership countries and is also recognized in the Sport Accord.

Muay Thai saw major growth in North America with the advancement and popularity of MMA. Muay Thai is recognized as one of the most effective striking bases and is widely practiced among mixed martial artists.

While many students join our club for the purpose of learning sport MMA, a number of our students develop a passion and enthusiasm solely for Muay Thai. While legendary Muay Thai fighters like Samart Payakroon, Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn and even Saenchai or Danny Bill are not as well known to combat sports enthusiasts, the way GSP, Conner McGregor and Anderson Silva are, our students are encouraged to watch and appreciate the true legends of Muay Thai.

Many students are attracted to the physical and challenging work out of Muay Thai as well as learning a self-defense system that is rich in spiritual tradition culture and philosophy. Some of our students enjoy the competition aspect of Muay Thai as we are proud members of Muay Thai Ontario, World Kickboxing Federation of Canada and we also regularly compete in the World Kickboxing Association USA events as well as traveling to their National Tournament in Richmond Virginia annually.


An all-body high-intensity workout that will keep you punching and burning the calories.

Check out our gym and talk to some of our trainers. Be honest and upfront with them as to what goals you plan to achieve in boxing, whether it be for fitness, amateur competition, professional boxing, or supplementing another martial art. Our boxing coaches use equipment creatively and tailor your training to keep workouts fun, different, and goal-oriented.


Boxing develops self-confidence and an athletic ability that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. The boxing workouts improve every type of physical capacity, strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance.

More importantly, boxing takes you further into excellence than any other discipline. Boxing makes you more alive: it makes you more humble in defeat, and most glorious in victory. Boxing reveals the true fighter deep inside every single one of us.

Some of our students take up the challenge of competing in amateur boxing ( sanctioned by Boxing Ontario ) and others simply enjoy the workout to improve their health and learn a self defense. However all of our students will train like they are preparing to enter the ring regardless if they do so or not. This is the best way to develop the proper skills and techniques required in boxing.




About Ryan Kellar

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Ryan Kellar

As the Co-Head of the Team Ronin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association, Professor Ryan assists in the ongoing guidance and development of Loyalist Martial Arts Academy's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs.

Beginning his love for submission fighting at 16 years of age when a high school counterpart asked Ryan to be a partner to practice submissions after first watching early 90's MMA. Ryan was immediately hooked after learning his first arm bar. Ryan began to study Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and jumped into competition. Since then, Ryan has become a multiple time regional champion, state champion, provincial champion, national champion and a 2013 IBJJF NoGi Pan-American champion, along with dozens of additional medals along the way. Ryan has become a well-known and highly respected martial artist throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Ryan is an IBJJF recognized black belt as well as partner and Head Referee with the popular Submission Arts United tournament circuit which operates in Ontario and Quebec.

Black Belt Lineage:
Mitsuyo Maeda → Carlos Gracie → Helio Gracie → Rickson Gracie → Antonio "Tonicao" Collares → Murilo Rupp → Eduardo Alexandre Machado → Felipe Heidrich → Ryan Kellar

About Tim Keller

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Tim Keller
Owner and Instructor

Tim Keller (Owner) has been a life long Martial Artist starting very young with kickboxing and Karate. In 2006 he joined the Loyalist Martial Arts team as a student and competitor winning various local and regional events. This led him to pursuing further study into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and eventually becoming an instructor. Tim has also developed into a boxing and kickboxing instructor as well. Tim's love for combat sports has continued to grow. Tim has taken a pivotal role within Loyalist, gaining ownership and expanding the facility to make room for a new generation and writing a new chapter for Belleville's most notable martial arts club.

About Jay Davies

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Jay Davies
Head Instructor - Muay Thai

Jay began cross training in various martial arts as a teenager before the sport of MMA existed. Training in the traditional martial arts of Kung Fu, Japanese Jujitsu and Akido. At one point I cross trained in 4 combat sports at the same time (and paid a membership to 3 clubs) kickboxing, boxing , judo and Japanese jujitsu. After competing in various forms of kickboxing (full contact, sanda, low kick and Muay Thai ) and eventually finding a place to train in and compete in Brazilian jujitsu, I achieved my goal of competing in professional MMA. It was at this point in 2006 that I took over the coaching duties and ownership of Loyalist as the original owner and coach of the club could no longer continue. The gym was just a boxing club at that time but with my goal of being able to train everything in one place and the help of others it transitioned into an MMA gym implementing a BJJ and Muay Thai Kickboxing program in addition to the boxing that was already in place.

Initially I was apprehensive about taking over the club as I still wanted to continue competing and the coaching duties would be more than I could handle but I knew the club was an important sanctuary for many young people in our community and so I stopped competing in 2008 to focus solely on coaching. I am grateful that I sort of fell into my role as I'm inspired by the young enthusiastic people I have met and mentored. Coaching rejuvenates me and keeps me growing as a person. I continually try to better myself as an instructor by attending seminars, taking courses and training in Thailand so I continually evolve, grow and am a better asset to my students. Even with 30 plus years in combat sports I believe that the journey of learning is never ending.

  • Level 1 coach Kickboxing Ontario
  • Certified Official, World Kickboxing Federation Canada
  • Level 1 coach and Certified Official Boxing Ontario
  • Registered Cornerman World Kickboxing Association
  • NCCP Coaches Association of Canada Certified
  • First Aide CPR, Certified St. Johns Ambulance

About James Georgiou

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James Georgiou

"I started training Martial Arts in 2013. I started with boxing but as soon as I saw other people training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jit Jitsu, I had to try it out. Once I tried it, I loved it. The cool thing about martial arts is how it can take you all over the world. I have been to Thailand 3 times and Italy for the WKF World Championship tournament where I won a silver medal for Canada. Some of the things I enjoy most about teaching the kids class is seeing how much fun they have with the sport, and becoming role models for the younger students."

About Jordan Graham

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Jordan Graham

A true warrior and world traveller, Jordan has been and continues to be a valued member of the Loyalist family. As a leader by example, Jordan continues to gift us with his knowledge and experience in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts combat. He has travelled to many countries to compete including Thailand, Italy, Malaysia, Panama and the United States, as well as headlining numerous Canadian events.

About Wayne Lainchbury

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Wayne Lainchbury

Wayne Lainchbury is known for his smooth style on the mats. Wayne entered into martial arts at 18 years of age. He had a family member who was successful in kickboxing and suggested Wayne try it out. After one training session Wayne was hooked. Since then, Wayne has been fortunate to work with some great instructors; starting with Jason Chin-Leung under team Ascension and black belt, Omar Salvosa. Jason was Wayne's first BJJ instructor and teammate.

Wayne learned a lot of fundamentals training with Jay and team Ascension. Wayne competed with team Ascension, winning numerous top finishes in various Gi and NoGi events, most notably were a second place finish for the (OJA) Ontario point standings in 2005, and Silver in the FILA World Team trials in 2008. Wayne received his BJJ blue belt from Omar Salvosa in 2005, then after moving to the LMAA family, under brown belt Mark Loft, Wayne was affiliated with Brazilian Top Team Canada from 2007 to 2012, where he received his purple belt. Since then Wayne and the team at LMAA have been fortunate enough to be under the tutelage of Professor Ryan Kellar, a well respected Canadian BJJ black belt. Wayne is thankful to have had both great instructors, and some personal success in multiple combat sports.

Wayne has studied many martial arts disciplines such as karate, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, judo, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which gives him a broad spectrum of knowledge. Since Wayne has taken over instruction duties after the departure of Mark Loft our senior grappling instructor in 2013, Wayne has now become the premier trainer for grappling at LMAA. Wayne uses the knowledge from his instructors and experience in the sport to instill a mix of fundamentals and progressive styles to the Loyalist team members.

About Elijah McCaughen

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Elijah McCaughen

With more than 20 years experience in the Martial Arts, Coach Elijah McCaughen began his training in 1993. He began studying at one of the only dojo's available in his area at that time which offered instruction in Karate and Japanese Jujutsu. Elijah successfully competed in tournaments and eventually achieved the rank of 'Brown Belt' before moving away to attend post secondary education in London Ontario. While in London Ontario, Elijah left Karate behind and began studying a different Martial Art - Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He studied for several years with his instructor in London, and after moving back to Belleville in 2002 continued his studies in the art with another highly ranked instructor who was teaching near Bowmanville Ontario. Elijah became a Private Class Student of the instructor, and on a training trip to Japan in 2004, Elijah passed the 5th degree Black Belt 'Godan' test, on his first attempt, administered by Soke (Grand Master) Masaki Hatsumi. Elijah began pursuing the Russian Martial Art of Systema in 2004. Initially traveling to Toronto Ontario to meet and train with chief Systema instructor Vladimir Vasiliev. Elijah has attended several week long Systema training camps and many seminars offered by Vasiliev along with other certified teachers of the Russian Martial Art. In 2005 Elijah started an informal training group and began teaching and sharing his Martial Arts with a small group of dedicated students. In 2012 Elijah became a member of Loyalist Martial Arts Academy and began training in Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in both the 'gi' and 'no gi'. He was awarded the rank of 'Blue Belt' in the summer of 2015 by Professor Ryan Kellar. Elijah works full time as a Police Officer with the OPP, and as such has additional training and experience in conflict resolution, subject apprehension and restraint, as well as defensive tactics and firearms. He is excited to continue on the Martial path and assisting others along the way at Loyalist Martial Arts Academy!

About Andrew Babcock

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Andrew Babcock

Andrew Babcock began his martial arts career at the age of 17. In 2008, he began attending Loyalist Martial Arts Academy, where he studied Muay Thai and Boxing under Jay Davies, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, igniting his passion for mixed martial arts. His MMA career began in 2011; since then, he has competed in both Canada and the US, earning two titles in the Featherweight division. In 2015, he was invited to Sibu, Malaysia, where he assisted local business owners to develop a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA school that is still practising today. After four months overseas, Andrew returned to Canada with a new-found love for coaching, where he is dedicated to training others as well as himself.